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VROEGH Design: Urban E-Bike Design to Match Aesthetics of Luxury Car Brands

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VROEGH Design, a Dutch R&D agency specialising in mobility design and engineering, has released teaser images of a brand new award-winning neo-retro urban bicycle design for one of its clients.

The goal was to design a bike that convinces even the most luxurious motorist to switch to e-bikes for short commutes. Compared to other bike brands that often use bold, standout designs, for this bicycle VROEGH went for a clean, minimalistic and unique look.

Vroegh design

Its features include control buttons that are integrated into the handlebar; a protective case that hides internal cabling; automotive-style lights fully integrated into the aluminium frame parts; a built-in hardware module that improves security with tracking features; seat clamp that fits seamlessly into the design; and a specially designed stem which holds the headlight and display.

“This is not just a typical bike design – all shapes, functions, and mechanics are so well integrated that the bike looks minimalistic and smooth, but to get here requires a lot of design and engineering work,” Bob Vroegh, Founder and Head of Design at VROEGH Design, told Zag Daily.

“Elegance and dynamic design are languages every consumer vehicle should speak. Great design not only pleases the eye but also causes swift market adoption and strengthens brand identity. There is no excuse for an ugly design.” 

For those wanting to add a personal touch, the bike can be customised with various accessories and colours.

Zag asked Vroegh why some people prefer to drive heavy cars when transporting just themselves?

“Convenience, distance and time are part of the equation, but just as important is the attachment to certain lifestyle, image, designs and aesthetics,” he said. “VROEGH’s approach is simple: create a bike so well-designed that people are drawn to it and fall in love with it.”

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