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Voi’s 7 million riders gain Flare’s incident protection tech

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Voi has partnered with safety intelligence platform Flare to protect Voi’s 7+ million riders with advanced incident detection. 

The integration of Flare’s SDK into Voi’s app enables swift detection and reactive capabilities of significant rider events.

“What this means is that Voi will know if one of their riders is involved in an incident,” Charlie Wilson, Chief Commercial Officer at Flare, told Zag Daily. “This will allow them to respond quickly and effectively as well as give a longer term view of the overall safety of their riders.” 

The operator will also anonymously analyse and share incident data with local authority stakeholders to help design safer streets and improve infrastructure for all road users. 

Further protection is offered by Voi riders now being visible on the Flare Aware network, raising awareness to nearby vehicle drivers.

Having Voi integrated with Flare’s API enables the locations of Voi’s active users to be sent into the Flare Aware Network which fleet operators and vehicle systems are linked with. Drivers will then get an audible notification that comes through their telematics system that there is a Voi e-scooter rider in their blind spot so they can double check their surroundings and prevent any human error.

More than 48% of all road accidents are due to a lack of driver awareness, with incidents between VRUs and larger vehicles accounting for the greatest proportion, according to Flare.

Voi’s 2023 Safety Report indicated that 5.45 major and severe accidents were recorded per million kilometres ridden on a rental e-scooter or e-bike.

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