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Voi launches next-gen e-scooter in the UK with focus on inclusivity, safety and circularity

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Voi has announced that its latest generation of e-scooter has arrived in Liverpool, Bristol and Bath.

Dubbed the Voiager 5 (V5), the new model is Voi’s safest, most inclusive and circular e-scooter yet, according to the Swedish firm.

In terms of inclusivity features, Voi has updated the design of the dashboard to include a centrally-located and integrated phone holder to enable riders to navigate more safely. A more ergonomic handlebar has also been fitted so that the brakes, indicator switch and bell are easier to reach.

We spoke with Jo Field, President of Women In Transport and Chief Executive of JFG Communications, who said: “Our recent research report with Voi highlighted how vehicle design is an important element when it comes to making e-scooter riding more inclusive for women. We are pleased to see the Voiager 5 includes a more comfortable handlebar, and an indicator switch and bell that take into account that a woman’s hand size is likely to be smaller than a man’s.”

Though this is certainly a step in the right direction, the same report cited other concerns for women that still need addressing. This includes the ability for Voi’s e-scooters to carry bags and other items, and the weight of the scooter which is a challenge for some. The researchers also suggest that a location-sharing feature (similar to Citymapper or Uber), or an advance booking system at night-time would make the vehicles safer and more inclusive.

New safety features on the V5 include a larger front wheel with increased tyre tread depth for greater shock absorption on rough surfaces, and sturdier brakes. Auto-cancelling indicators prevent riders from having to lower their gaze mid-ride to inactivate them.

From a circularity perspective, Voi has installed components that are easier to repair and reuse, while also increasing the amount of recycled materials.  

“The proportion of recycled materials in the scooter now stands at over 30%, more than double the previous rate thanks to close collaboration with suppliers and manufacturers along the supply chain,” said Voi. 

In celebration of the launch Voi is offering new riders 15 minutes of free riding with discount code ‘V5UK’.

“The Voiager 5 model encapsulates Voi’s values, from pushing boundaries when it comes to safe and inclusive design, to riding together so that we can create better cities for living, free of congestion and pollution,” said Jack Samler, Voi’s General Manager for UK and Ireland.

“We know that our riders will love the new V5 model because it’s suited to their everyday needs as it’s engineered for the city.”

Liverpool, Bath and Bristol are the first cities in the UK to experience the new model, which has already been rolled out in cities across Europe, including Milan, Oslo, Rome and Bordeaux.

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