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Vianova simplifies road safety data with new Intelligence Platform

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Mobility data platform Vianova has launched a new intelligence platform to make road safety data more understandable for cities to use.

The Vianova Intelligence Platform compiles data from many sources like historical collisions and connected car and bike data under its Road Safety App to inform a cities decision-making on road safety.

Cities can use the data to understand high-risk areas for road safety and prioritise resources accordingly, as well as assess the impacts of policy change or road improvements.

“Previously, only data scientists would have been able to understand this kind of information,” Vianova’s Chief Technology Officer Frédéric Robinet, who led the product development, told Zag Daily. “But now anybody who works in road safety, no matter their level, can use this data because we have created such an easy dashboard that clearly tells you the information you need to know.”

High risk areas can be identified through a series of stages – prioritisation, investigation, design and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

The platform assists with prioritisation by analysing historic collision data to identify high-risk areas. Next, the platform supports the investigation of the likelihood of dangerous events, and Vianova’s Risk Aware data product can be used by planners to produce composite risk scores for every road.

Data from various sources is then combined in the design and implementation stage to plan countermeasures for specific zones. In the monitoring and evaluation stage, cities can track the progress of these safety measures using key metrics such as speed reduction, increased cycling or fewer collisions.

Vianova’s intelligence platform layers its own data from different modes of vehicles, people and sensors and combines this with the city’s own data to give a granular reflection of road safety in each area. 

The data compiled can be tailored to meet specific city needs, and the platform can expand into serving other use cases such as shared mobility management, curb management and logistics optimization.

“Road safety has normally been looked at in silos,” Vianova’s Head of Markets for the UK and Nordics Nikolina Kotur said. “Someone might be looking at road safety in buses, scooters, or cars but if you don’t look at how these modes of transport integrate together when they’re all on the same road then you’re missing half of the picture.”

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