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Veo launches dual-passenger e-bike

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Micromobility firm Veo has unveiled a dual-passenger e-bike dubbed the Apollo Class II. 

The e-bike is designed to accommodate two riders or additional cargo storage. 

Veo developed the vehicle in response to insights from rider surveys, feedback from municipalities and global research, which indicates a need for safe tandem riding and cargo hauling. 

“After talking with our riders and city partners, there is no doubt that there is demand for a two-passenger e-bike in shared micromobility fleets,” Veo’s Director of Public Policy and Partnerships, Alex Keating, told Zag Daily. 

“The dual passenger functionality appeals to a broader audience and offers a safe solution to prevent people from riding tandem on single scooters, which is a major concern for cities.” 

With a battery range of 45 miles and a max speed of 15mph, the e-bike features a throttle-assist motor, allowing riders of varying body types to get where they need to go without pedalling. The throttle provides assistance for travelling up hills or carrying cargo, and offers a boost function to get up to speed from a stopped position. 

Veo’s first-gen throttle-assist e-bike, the Cosmo-E, receives four times as many rides per day as Veo’s electric pedal-assist bikes. 

Once deployed, Apollo vehicles can carry two passengers or can be retrofitted with additional cargo, depending on the needs of each market. 

Other notable features of the Apollo II include a simulated electric audible engine noise to notify pedestrians, particularly the blind or visually impaired, that an e-bike is approaching; and Veo Voice which uses on-board speakers to explain local riding regulations. 


The US-based company now offers eight vehicle types, including seated and standing e-scooters, class I and class II e-bikes, accessible wheelchair devices, and pedal bikes.

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