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VanMoof limited-edition S3 Aluminium goes on sale

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Dutch company VanMoof has announced that its first ever limited-edition S3 Aluminium e-bike has gone on sale today.

The purpose of the e-bike is to capture a snapshot in VanMoof history.

The front wrap features a black LED Matrix Display which shows the speed, battery and power assist level. It has fully-integrated handlebars, a one piece saddle, 28-inch tyres in signature black, while subtle branding on the top tube nods to the very first iteration of the straight frame made back in 2009.

“We’ve designed the S3 Aluminium as an homage to our very first bikes that were released in 2009,” VanMoof’s Global Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan Hum told Zag Daily.

“At VanMoof, we’ve always believed in simplicity, both as a founding design principle and the simplistic joy of riding a bike. We’re excited to return to our roots with this stripped-back Aluminium edition.”

The S3 Aluminium has features of the Red Dot award-winning VanMoof S3, including an ultra-silent front motor, integrated kick-lock, turbo boost, long-range battery and anti-theft tech.

The S3 Aluminium is on sale now in the US, the Netherlands, France and Germany and retails at $2,648.

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