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Urban mobility management platform Vianova raises $3 million

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Paris-based urban mobility management platform Vianova secured $3 million in a funding round earlier this month led by Ponooc.

The company has raised $5.2 million to date and is anticipating a large Series A round in 2022, with Contrarian Ventures, RATP CI, and Rebel Group having also provided investment.

Vianova currently works with 40 cities and 50 transport providers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico, with partners including Helsinki, Zürich, Milan, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Cologne.

Processing more than five million journeys per month, Vianova also has agreements with micromobility operators such as Bird, Bolt, and Voi.

The new investment will allow the French firm to scale in the US, Latin America, and Australasia, and integrate more mobility modes into its service.

“With the rapid development of urban mobility challenging the distribution of public space, data has become an essential tool of governance and collaboration for cities and mobility providers,” said CEO Thibault Castagne.

“Our platform is beneficial for both sides, bringing these two worlds closer together and leading to the development of increasingly advanced use cases.

“Cities are using our platform to define no-parking zones, speed limits, or fleet caps, while operators can better track and reduce the number of violations, communicate policies to their users, and optimise their deployments. In total, our platform has helped cities plan and set up more than 300 mobility hubs, as well as 40 kilometres of new bike lanes, fostering the adoption of shared micromobility by more users.”

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