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Two-thirds feel shared e-scooters have improved travel, Voi research finds

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Two-thirds of people surveyed across Northampton by micromobility operator Voi said that shared e-scooters have improved travel.

Voi ran the survey to mark a year since launching in Northampton, its first location in the UK, with 570,000 rides taken in that time frame.

The firm estimates that 30,000 riders have replaced around 200,000 car journeys since the launch, travelling 930,000 miles in total.

The survey found that 66 per cent of respondents felt e-scooters have made it easier to move around town and 60 per cent of riders now use an e-scooter at least a few times a week.

Meanwhile, one in three riders have used an e-scooter to replace a car journey.

“It’s great news that the scooter trial has reached its first anniversary and, with over 30,000 active users in the town, is clearly continuing to prove extremely popular with the people of Northampton,” said councillor Phil Larratt.

Voi has also reached an important milestone with its e-bike service in Peterborough, with more than 3,000 journeys now completed.

Since launching in January more than a thousand riders have benefitted from the scheme and cyclists in Peterborough have travelled more than 20,000 miles.

Voi has increased the number of e-bikes in Peterborough over the course of the trial, and is now expanding its presence by including Hampton and Hampton Hargate to encourage more people to replace their journeys into the town centre with e-bikes.

Jack Samler, general manager of Voi, added: “Our e-bikes are a great alternative to the car by offering access to a greener, more sustainable and convenient way to travel around town.

“Voi is committed to reducing pollution, improving air quality and, ultimately, making a positive impact on people’s wellbeing, and are delighted to see people choosing to jump on our e-bikes for work, meet friends and to carry-out everyday errands, rather than clogging up our towns and cities with cars.”

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