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Tier unveils new parking solution with 98% compliance

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Tier has launched its most accurate parking solution to date which ensures 98% parking compliance, according to the shared operator.

The Advanced Vehicle Parking System (AVPS) has been developed by combining the best of both Google’s Visual Positioning System (VPS) and Tier’s in-house parking space surveying solution. 

Parking compliance plays a key role in keeping both riders and pedestrians safe. 

Operators often face parking challenges due to poor GPS connectivity and the reported physical location not corresponding with the digital coordinates of mandatory parking zones. 

A study conducted by Tier in France, Spain and Italy found that between 14% and 51% of coordinates that it had been provided were more than 10 meters from the physical location of the parking bay, which can create problems for other pavement users. 

With more accurate parking validation, Tier said its operations team can resolve these errors and ensure e-scooters are parked safely in marked bays. 

“Based on internal testing of our new AVPS system we found that parking compliance was at 98%,” Jess Hall, Tier’s UK Head of Public Policy, told Zag Daily. “By combining the best of Google’s VPS and our own in-house tech we have been able to tackle one of the fundamental issues that has plagued mandatory parking bays which has been the disparity between physical and virtual coordinates.  AVPS is a valuable tool, especially in built-up areas where GPS signal can be less accurate.” 

The solution also improves Tier’s flexibility in responding to changing urban planning needs as its ‘Rangers’ are now able to quickly set up new virtual locations for parking bays with a high degree of accuracy. 

Tier AVPS was first rolled out in London, and is also now live in Tel Aviv and Utrecht.

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