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TIER unveils Gen6 e-scooter with new display and audio functions

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TIER has unveiled its sixth-generation e-scooter, featuring audio turn signals and a new display icon to alert users to restrictions in the city.

The micromobility operator’s latest model is being introduced in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Sweden to begin with.

With this model, riders benefit from visual feedback about slow zones, no parking zones and no go zones via a display.

Dr. Julian Lehmann, TIER’s Director of Product, Planning and Strategy, explains to Zag Daily how the feature alleviates a real pain-point for riders by using parking as an example.   

“When you want to end your e-scooter ride, the question is how do you know where to park? Before now, you would try and find a suitable parking spot, get your phone out, look at the app, hit end ride and then find you’re not allowed to park there, which is frustrating. With our new visual display on the scooter, this shows a no parking zone icon. As soon as this icon disappears you can park, so it removes the additional steps.”


From a safety standpoint, TIER has developed turn signals that provide audio feedback. A group of sixty people were given the e-scooter to try with and without the feature. 

“The group loved the audio cue,” said Lehmann. “It is a similar sound to the one you hear in a car and means the user can be sure the indicators are on. When they tried the e-scooter without the audio function, they sometimes forgot to deactivate the indicators.”

Further advancements include a new phone holder with improved line of sight, an upgraded hydraulic suspension, wider base and a more powerful motor to help power up hills.

The Gen6 also has a longer lifespan than previous models. TIER’s Gen5 is expected to last 3-4 years while the Gen6 should last around 5 years.

More than 10,000 vehicles will now be rolled out in the Linz region (1,000), Varberg (300), the Munich region (5,000), and Budapest (4,500) over the next few months.

In total, TIER plans to deploy 75,000 units across Europe by the end of this year.  

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