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TIER rolls out QR code feature to tackle e-scooter safety issues

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Micromobility firm TIER will aim to tackle e-scooter safety issues through a new QR code feature, developed via its partnership with AI startup Captur.

The roll out coincides with the extension of the London e-scooter trials to Westminster from 2 August, with TIER one of three operators chosen for the trials in the UK capital.

The QR code feature is designed to encourage riders and pedestrians to report the misparking, misuse and abandonment of e-scooters and has seen a 60% improvement in response time when trialled.

TIER has equipped its new fleet of e-scooters in Westminster and existing vehicles with the codes, which when scanned, will allow members of the public and riders to report an issue directly to the TIER operations team.

Captur will provide TIER with real-time data and analytics, including immediate notifications of misuse, location data and photographic evidence, as well as heat maps showing areas of increased misuse in each Borough and custom weekly and monthly data charts.

“The safety of our users and members of the public, especially those with visual impairment, is our number one priority as the e-scooter trials expand across London,” said Fred Jones, Regional General Manager for Northern Europe at TIER.

“The partnership with Captur now means people can more efficiently report e-scooter issues directly to our team, whilst not only playing a part in protecting disabled and visually impaired communities but contributing a donation to charities doing fantastic work. Over the longer term, we truly believe the data collected from this new initiative will help us identify misuse hotspots and subsequently implement new and improved safety measures.” 

Charlotte Bax, CEO at Captur, added: “Last year accelerated the huge shift towards on-demand and shared mobility. It’s clear members of the public want more convenient travel options, but they also really care about the impact on their local community. 

That’s why Captur has partnered with TIER to provide on-demand reporting that’s quick, easy, and accessible for all. Together we can use tech as the enabler for the future of our cities and give back at the same time.”

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