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Superpedestrian to extend scooter battery life with “over the air”updates

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Superpedestrian is rolling out “over the air” updates to its Link scooters across Europe and the world that will boost range by 10% to 61 miles and battery life by 48 hours to 22 days.

The US-based micromobility company said the new operating system, codenamed “Briggs”, will also reduce geofence reaction time to 0.7 seconds, triple storage space for geofence zones and increase geofencing accuracy.

Superpedestrian currently operates in 13 US cities and is expanding its operations across Europe, with locations including Madrid, Alcalá de Henares and Rome.

The operating system improvements have been made by improving the efficiency of the software that powers the Link scooters.

Extending the life of each scooter

The company said because its scooters can be continuously upgraded with new operating systems and features, it can extend the life of each manufactured scooter, rather than having to replace fleets each time they need to be upgraded.

The more efficient battery life also reduces the frequency with which Link scooters need to be returned to a Superpedestrian Service Centre for charging, further reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Assaf Biderman, founder and chief executive of Superpedestrian, said being able to wirelessly update the scooter fleet can help with launching improvements and features requested by its city partners.

He added: “This makes for constantly-improving vehicles for riders, better protection for pedestrians and more robust safety performance for cities.

“Cities should demand nothing less for their citizens.”

While the big news is the new software updates, there will also be some physical updates rolling out across the fleet, including upgraded front suspension, a brighter yellow colour scheme, a redesigned deck mat and more comfortable handlebar grips.

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