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Stilride unveils final price and design of first steel e-motorbike 

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Swedish electro-mobility startup Stilride has revealed the final design and price of its first steel e-motorcycle, renamed Stilride 1.

Stilride is rewriting the design rules for e-mobility with a new manufacturing technique dubbed ‘industrial origami’ steel folding to build e-mobility products that are lighter, greener and more sustainable.

Previously known as the Sport Utility Scooter, Stilride 1 will cost €15,000. The units will be individually crafted and made to order at the company’s workshop in Stockholm for delivery in 2024.

It has been designed for both the motorcycle enthusiast and the design and sustainability purist.

The first series of motorcycles will be called the ‘Limited Founders Edition’. They will be numbered and have black fenders and black details. 

Tue Beijer, CTO and Co-Founder at Stilride, told Zag Daily: “Our initial go-to-market product, the Stilride 1, is designed to be an industry leader in the premium electric mobility sector.

“The majority of our demand is coming from Scandinavia, the UK, France, Italy and the US. We are initially targeting the European market, with the US being our secondary target, with ambitions to expand their next year.  

“We expect to sell out our first batch of bikes quickly as we have had overwhelming interest to date.”

An official launch date will be announced this summer, but shareholders and community members will have exclusive early access to place orders this spring. Last year, Stilride raised more than €3.7m to fuel this launch.

In February, the firm started introducing 3D printing capabilities with the aim of having an automated production process by the end of 2023.


Stilride has unveiled a number of key design and technology updates to optimise the driving experience and finetune its design with planet in mind.  

These include an optimised ultra-lightweight chassis made from recycled Swedish steel, and a streamlined saddle with soft padding and suspension for ergonomic comfort. 

Stilride 1 will have ABS (anti-lock braking system) provided by Continental, a premium HUB motor system, and a rear suspension with a single shock absorber and multi-link system.

It also has a bespoke Electric Vehicle Control Unit (eVCU) powering a number of features via a Stilcontrol app. The app will provide riders with theft protection, geographical positioning, service diagnostics and battery status.

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