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Spin launches three-wheeled e-scooter fleet in Santa Monica

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Ford-owned micromobility operator Spin launched a fleet of three-wheeled e-scooters in Santa Monica, California, this week.

The S-200 vehicle is designed to offer improved stability and an alternative option for riders who do not feel comfortable on the current two-wheel options.

The first three-wheeled fleet to be deployed in the US, Spin will grow its fleet to 50 devices in the coming weeks.

Spin already has 500 two-wheeled e-scooters for hire in Santa Monica, with both designs available via the app at the same price.

Maxime Veron, SVP of Product and Design at Spin, told Zag Daily that the three-wheel model offers greater stability and enhanced suspension.

“The deployment of S-200 is part of Spin’s larger plan to get more people out of personal cars and into the bike lane,” he said.

“By offering more form factors, Spin is better able to provide an additional option for riders who are not comfortable riding our traditional two-wheeled scooters.

“With the addition of a third wheel, the S-200 has better stability and an enhanced suspension which can more easily withstand different road conditions. In addition, S-200 has the necessary hardware built in to enable our Spin Valet service later this year. Spin Valet allows remote operators to check on parking conditions at the end of the ride and remotely position the scooter if needed. In the future it will also allow for more use cases, like on demand scooter delivery.”

Currently, Spin has no plans to rollout the design in Europe.

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