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Skarper e-bike conversion kit turns any bike electric in seconds

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British start-up Skarper has today launched a new e-bike conversion kit that can flip on the electric assistance for any bike within a matter of seconds.

Backed by Olympian Sir Chris Hoy, the clip-on e-bike drive system uses a specially designed disc brake rotor to provide power to your bike.

Most e-bike conversion kits are not easily removable because of the time it takes to switch out a wheel, cables, batteries and fittings, whereas the Skarper system eliminates this issue as everything is contained within a single unit.

The patent-protected drive system has a range of up to 60km and can be fully charged in under 2.5 hours.

“What I’m most excited about with the launch of Skarper is that we are offering something entirely new,” said Sir Chris Hoy, who has been heavily involved in the product’s development.

“People will now have the freedom and flexibility to choose whenever they want electric assistance. Within a couple of seconds they can transform the way they ride. I truly believe this is going to make a significant impact on the industry by opening up cycling to a much wider audience.”

With a suite of sensors and control algorithms, the motor intelligently responds to the terrain, providing instant power as needed.

Skarper’s CEO and Co-Founder Ean Brown said: “This innovation is set to revolutionise the industry with its cutting edge DiskDrive technology.

“For the first time you can hold an e-bike in the palm of your hand.

“Ultimately, it is our ambition to see the DiskDrive disc brake fitted as standard from the factory on millions of bicycles around the world.”

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