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Raleigh intros lightweight urban e-bike with discrete battery for security

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British bicycle brand Raleigh has today launched its first urban e-bike dubbed ‘Trace’ featuring a “well-hidden” 250Wh built-in battery.

The discrete motor is designed as a security feature.

“Everyone knows an e-bike is high in value,” Raleigh’s Head of Marketing Edward Pegram told Zag Daily.

“Through market research we are seeing that security can therefore be a barrier to cycling as a mode of transport. Trace is designed to counter this. With a subtle, innovative and lightweight design, you would hardly know it’s an electric bike, making it the perfect city commuter.”

At only 16.5kg, the e-bike is ultra-lightweight and comes equipped with lights and panniers.

“A lot of people in cities live in flats and don’t have garages or sheds so they need to be able to carry the e-bike up and down the stairs,” said Pegram. “Ease of moving it around is key and this links back to the security aspect.”

The e-bike is available in a choice of two colourways – bronze and blue – and has a max battery range of 50 miles, with a charging time of four hours.

Pegram explained that the next phase for Raleigh will be to introduce an app where riders can change the settings on the e-bike to make it a personalised experience.

The Trace has a retail price of £2,199 or is available on a subscription for £54.97 a month. 

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