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Movs unveils two new e-bike models with minimalist designs

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Swedish micromobility subscription service Movs has launched two new e-bike models for its shared fleet – Nörd and Ergo. 

After two years with their heads down in development, the Movs team have created Nörd, a high-tech, single-speed with belt-drive and advanced sensors for a minimalistic and intuitive riding experience.

Ergo is a seven-speed for everyday commuters who want to bring along their bags and packages. 

Their unique frame design produces a joint-free, sleek silhouette made from one piece of lightweight aluminium.

“Our design philosophy rests on three pillars; function combined with accessibility, minimalistic aesthetics and the importance of identity,” Chief Designer and Founder Jonas Rundqvist told Zag Daily. 

“The frames have a continuous shape without welding joints, with cables hidden inside, lights are integrated and baskets mounted directly to the frame.”


Both models come with a portable battery, with a range of 100 km from a full charge. 

Movs was set up in May 2021 as a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) offering where customers can take out a monthly subscription for a bike, e-bike, e-moped or e-scooter.

“We want to help the broad masses transition to light electric vehicles and we think a super-simple all-inclusive membership combined with slick urban designer e-bikes is how we appeal to them.” 

The company operates in four Swedish cities and is looking to expand into other European countries.

Movs is a subsidiary of one of Sweden’s largest retailers of e-mopeds and bicycles, Movs Technology Group (MTG)

Launched in 2005, the parent firm has its own Lifebike electric bicycle and DRAX moped brands.

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