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Mosa to start first UK public trial of smart lock tech

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Startup Mosa is to launch its first UK public trial of its smart parking infrastructure to help fight bicycle theft. 

The company has developed smart lock technology in partnership with the manufacturer Giant to convert standard racks into secure parking spaces for bikes and e-scooters. Its lock is built under the highest security guideline (sold diamond rate) and includes a smart theft detection alarm system to safeguard bikes.

A two-week trial will run from February 10th at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, in partnership with the area manager London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC). During the trial, those who regularly cycle to the Olympic Park can sign up to try the locks. 

“The main purpose is to find committed testers to use our locks on a regular basis during the trial period,” Mosa’s Founder Josh Liu told Zag Daily. “This will give us valuable insight into the usability of our design before mass production.”

Mosa also plans to use the opportunity to engage with the local community and gather their insight to bring the solution to more urban spaces in other cities.

Business model

Mosa targets its service at space owners, including office and residential buildings and shopping centres, and plans to not charge cyclists for secure parking.

“Our services are delivered by our proprietary software and smart lock hardware, which we offer on a subscription fee basis,” said Liu. “This allows users to enjoy secure parking for free.”

The firm also plans to offer pay-as-you-go insurance for cyclists as an additional revenue stream.

“We hope to engage with other stakeholders in the area and eventually provide secure parking for cyclists in the ‘15-city’ neighbourhood, whether they work, live, shop or exercise there.”

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