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Micromobility Industries unveils world’s first subsidy tracker

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Micromobility Industries and RideReview have launched a pioneering new data tool to map government incentives and subsidies for the micromobility sector worldwide.

The Micromobility Global Incentives and Subsidy Tracker is a database that provides up-to-date information on more than 400 government incentives in over 30 countries.

While small electric vehicles have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, their upfront costs can be a barrier for many individuals. This is where government incentives and subsidies can play a crucial role in encouraging adoption.

Micromobility Industries’ tool helps individuals find and compare these financial assistance schemes.

“Government websites can be hard to navigate,” James Gross, CEO of Micromobility Industries and Ride Review, told Zag. “Without a tool like this I think many people are discouraged or just don’t know where to start. We want to solve that and also continue the dialogue with people as we expect the demand for these programmes to continue to rise.”

The database is also designed to help policymakers easily understand the landscape of incentives and subsidies for micromobility vehicles, and how they can be improved to better support sustainable mobility.

“Ideally, by seeing other programmes, policy makers could be inspired and also not feel like they were trying something that doesn’t have precedent,” said Gross.

“Where we will continue to build this product is by becoming a place where policymakers can launch their incentive and know it can get exposure at the local level and within the broader micromobility community.”

Zag believes that innovative data driven systems like the Subsidy Tracker can help provide consumers with the information they need to make a modal shift more easily and can serve as a blueprint for standardising best practice on incentive schemes for policy makers worldwide.

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