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Micro intros new quadricycle range at Paris Motor Show

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Swiss pioneer Micro is presenting the production version of its two-seater quadricycle dubbed the Microlino 2.0 at the Paris Motor Show this week.  

Founded in 1999 by the Ouboter family, Micro began by selling kick scooters before expanding into e-scooter production in 2013 and then four-wheeled quadricycles two years later. 

The Microlino 2.0 needs only 1/3 of a parking space, has a maximum speed of 90km/h and comes in three battery versions, with a range of 91km, 177km or 230km. It also has room for 230Litres of trunk space – enough for three beer crates. 


Designed as an alternative to cars, the quadricycle features a sunroof and sport mode to make it a “true lifestyle vehicle,” said Micro. 

The design approach of using fewer components and saving weight also makes the Microlino more eco-friendly than cars. “Simply said, we need a lot less battery cells per km of range than conventional electric cars, because the vehicle needs a lot less energy to be moved around,” Micro’s Co-Founder and CMO Merlin Ouboter told Zag Daily.

“Our vision is to be part of the solution for a more sustainable future in mobility. We need to reduce our carbon footprint which is often associated with sacrifice and we want to change that. The Microlino or any vehicles in its size and category use around 50% less energy than smaller electric cars on 100 km of usage and 50% less in production due to the small battery and size.”

Besides the Microlino, Micro has also unveiled a new lower-speed Microlino Lite and canvas-roofed concept version. 

Microlino Lite

The Lite is targeted at younger customers with a maximum speed of 45km/h, allowing people without a licence to drive it. 


“What I clearly see from talking to different clients at various shows is that 2023 will be the year of the quadricycle,” Micro’s COO and Co-Founder Oliver Ouboter told Zag. “Many people realise that we cannot continue driving two tonne vehicles in cities, but still want to be protected from the weather and so see this as a viable alternative to cars. I think mid-term they will make up about 30% of new car registrations in urban regions.”

Microline Spiaggina

The other Microline Spiaggina concept is open on the sides and the rear above the bodywork to “get a gentle breeze in the hot summer weather”. All interior materials are waterproof in the event of rain but the vehicle is mainly for Europe’s summer destinations like Saint-Tropez and Ibiza.



Further displayed at the Motor Show was Micro’s three-wheeled e-moped called the Microletta.  

Micro said its two front wheels provide better grip when cornering and have an increased braking effect, offering more safety than two-wheeled motorcycles or mopeds. 


When stopping at traffic lights the steering mechanism can be locked so that the scooter stands on its own without having to put one foot on the ground for balance. It also features a removable battery with a range of 100km. As Micro wants to focus on the Microlino and its variants, there is no production start date set yet for the Microletta.

So far more than 35,000 people have reserved a Microlino. Deliveries in France and other European countries start in 2023, but there is no word yet on UK availability. Both the Spiaggina concept and Lite versions are due to go into production in 2023.

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