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Luna and Qualcomm Technologies team up to roll out AI ARAS for two-wheelers

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During day one of the IAA Mobility Summit, Qualcomm Technologies CEO Cristiano Amon announced a new partnership with Luna to deploy advanced AI ARAS solutions on its Snapdragon Digital Chassis which will be made available to the electric two-wheeler market.

Luna, the Irish company specialising in computer vision technology, asserts that the safety data collected will result in real-world benefits for both riders and OEMs. With features like Forward Collision Warning and Headway Monitoring, riders will gain the crucial time they need to manoeuvre to safety. By enabling the OEMs to learn more about the nature of accidents, it is predicted to reduce accidents and in turn, improve vehicle financing outcomes. 

Luna’s CEO Andrew Fleury told Zag Daily: “Ultimately, we see a major step-change occurring right now in terms of the role that software plays in mobility. At IAA Mobility this week, the hot topic that everyone is talking about is the ‘software defined vehicle’. We feel AI and computer vision has and will play a long term, central role to this strategy as we move into the future across all vehicle segments.”

Luna asserts that the adoption of computer vision technology will continue to expand, enhancing overall safety in mobility. The opportunities for computer vision powered safety goes beyond two-wheelers.

“While we continue to grow and expand in our first market of shared micromobility, it is important that we also recognise the enormous safety role that computer vision can play across other vehicle segments also.” 

Luna is also expanding into the e-bike market with already developed, market-ready situational awareness solutions for cyclists to help ensure safer navigation in a city environment.

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