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Lisbon locals travel 100,000km on LINK e-scooters in first month

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Superpedestrian has seen riders of its LINK e-scooters clock up nearly 100,000km around Lisbon since launching last month.

The US micromobility firm deployed a fleet of 1,000 shared e-scooters in the Portuguese capital on 2 June, before scaling up to 1,500 machine soon after.

In the first four weeks of operating, its data shows that a distance of 98,872km has been covered across 35,000 individual journeys.

Meanwhile, locals have tallied 565,202 minutes of riding, with the average journey totalling 2.8km.

Managed by former international rugby player João Afonso, the Lisbon native said that the superior sturdiness of LINK e-scooters was “unlocking micromobility for all sorts of people”.

“Our scooter is designed for a rider weighing up to 135kg, and it’s longer and wider than alternative models so that you can comfortably stand with both feet,” he said.

“Only last weekend, someone approached our street safety team and said he would love to try our scooter but, as he weighed 125kg, he had not been able to use other shared scooters. We told him about LINK’s superior performance and gave him €10 free to try for himself. He came back three hours later, ecstatic to have found a micro-vehicle built for him. He said he loves the LINK scooter and he’ll be using it from now on to get around the city. Our amazing engineering is unlocking micromobility for all sorts of people.”

Zag estimates that there are a total of 2,077 shared e-scooters available for hire in Lisbon, with LINK running the largest fleet and Bird, Bolt and Lime managing smaller operations.

LINK e-scooters are now present in more than 30 cities across five countries

“We typically see around 30% of e-scooter journeys replacing short car trips,” added Haya Verwoord Douidri, VP (EMEA) at Superpedestrian.

“By providing an intelligent, robust and safe scooter in Lisbon, therefore, we have helped avoid around 10,000 car journeys already. That helps tackle congestion, climate change and air pollution, which makes life better for all Lisbon residents, not just our customers.”

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