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Infinite Machine’s P1: designed to feel like your smartphone

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With its vision of a post-car future, New York-based vehicle manufacturer Infinite Machine has just released its first Apple and Tesla-inspired electric scooter – the P1.

With the futuristic-looking P1 comes radical design: manufactured in China’s creative city of Taizhou, the electric scooter seeps with Chinese minimalism – geometric lines, industrial design, and a simple colour palette of black, white and silver.


With accessibility at its forefront, the Infinite Machine app enables riders to remotely manage the vehicle from their phone. This includes locking, unlocking and immobilising the scooter, and theft detection is also crucially considered with an alarm that triggers in the event of unauthorised use.

It is also the first vehicle of its kind to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

“We want the experience of P1 to feel like your smartphone,” Co-founder Eddie Cohen told Zag Daily.

“Our inspiration comes from all over—from companies like Apple to artists like Donald Judd and architects like Marcel Breuer—but we’re definitely inspired by how Tesla has elevated the standards of user experience and technology in the automotive category.”


The P1 prioritises convenience. Its Infinite Module System enables users to remove the back panel of the vehicle and add alternative modules such as extra batteries, cargo and a loudspeaker. 

“We designed the P1 holistically: it’s the combination of many big and small decisions that make it really sing,” said Cohen.

The P1 isn’t designed to overcomplicate, but rather to be used. A top speed of 55 mph and a 60-mile range in cities makes it royally fit for urban purpose. Its 1,400 mm turning radius also ensures ease with tight manoeuvring in a city’s narrower streets.

Those without a motorcycle license can use the P1 for up to speeds of 35 mph.

Based in Brooklyn, Infinite Machine recently opened up its first Production Lot for the model, with 1,000 units of P1 on offer for ten days across the United States at a retail price of $10,000.

While the model is currently just for sale in America, the brand has plans for international shipping in the future. Infinite Machine has a global supply chain, having established strategic partnerships with suppliers worldwide.

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