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HindSight launches new rear-view cycling glasses

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Sports eyewear business HindSight has launched Version 2 (V2) of its rear-view sunglasses, which enables people that are cycling, running or walking to see what is coming up behind them.

Due to the proximity of the angled mirrored lens to the eye, users are able to see a larger proportion of rear-view and can see what is coming up without turning around. 

The company was created by Alexander Macdonald and Olympic track champion Callum Skinner with a focus on cycling safety.

Backed by a kickstarter campaign that was 1,100% over-funded, the launch of two new models, Artemis and Morpheus, took into consideration feedback from V1 backers and customers.

”The glasses are not only a huge step change in terms of the style, we’ve also made so many incremental upgrades,” HindSight Co-Founder Callum Skinner told Zag Daily. 

According to Skinner, the improvements include optimised lens coatings, new materials for both the frames and lenses, and optional rubber nose pads and leg grips to ensure the glasses work for everyone. 

“It was through dedicated and really deep communication with our customers that we were able to build a product we know people are going to love,” said Skinner.


Artemis and Morpheus are available with three lens colours (red, blue and standard black) and three frame colours (black, clear and tortoiseshell). 

Both are now available for purchase worldwide and were launched four months ahead of schedule.

A new addition to the offer are the Night Lenses (available separately), which can be swapped in and out of the glasses and were optimised for seeing car headlights at night.

“Every other user on the roads has rear-view mirrors, and we believe that those on bikes should have an option that works for them and looks great,“ said the Hindsight Founder and CEO Alexander Macdonald.

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