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Helbiz to integrate PathPilot technology after Drover AI partnership

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Italian micromobility operator Helbiz has partnered with tech firm Drover AI, which will see PathPilot safety technology added to Helbiz e-scooters.

Helbiz will be the exclusive operator of Drover’s PathPilot in Italy, with an initial deployment in Milan by end of the year.

PathPilot is powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision, using onboard cameras to precisely detect sidewalk, street or bike lane riding.

It can also verify parking in real-time and reduce e-scooter clutter, with PathPilot currently integrated on Spin e-scooters across the US.

PathPilot can also automatically reduce the speed of an e-scooter and alert those that are nearby as soon as it enters a sidewalk or other geofenced areas.

PathPilot gathers data from each ride to help increase operational efficiencies, delivering actionable insights into fleet use and rider behaviours which Helbiz can then share with authorities to help improve the service.

Helbiz became the first electric shared micromobility firm to go public when it was listed on NASDAQ last month, and operates shared e-scooter schemes in 35 cities around the world.

Alex Nesic, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer at Drover AI, told Zag Daily: “Micromobility has such tremendous potential as urban transportation in Europe as evidenced by recent announcements, and Drover is proud to be able to use our technology to address the biggest concerns currently limiting the broader acceptance and growth of the sector.”

“At Helbiz, we are dedicated to providing safe and efficient micromobility services to the cities in which we operate,” added Vivian Myrtetus, Head of Partnerships & Policy at Helbiz.

“The integration of Drover’s PathPilot technology will help us better enforce local regulations and create a safer experience for riders and pedestrians alike. We are thrilled to partner with Drover as we continue our expansion efforts.”

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