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Helbiz forms partnership with mapping firm Fantasmo

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Helbiz announced an agreement with mapping company Fantasmo on Wednesday to integrate its parking technology into the Helbiz e-scooter app.

The Italian-American micromobility operator will initially roll out the technology on its shared e-scooter fleet in Miami, with plans for the partnership to be expanded into other markets in the future.

Fantasmo Camera Positioning Standard technology is designed to detect the exact location of e-scooters and validate e-scooter parking within eight inches or less using a phone camera.

CPS does not require any infrastructure like satellites, beacons or radios, and instead utilises data connection and cameras to capture precise mapping and position of each device.

Riders will be required to scan the QR code located on each e-scooter with their phone prior to starting each journey, which notifies Helbiz of the location of the device.

This allows Helbiz to ensure its vehicles are not infringing on local parking rules.

“We are committed to educating our riders with proper e-scooter parking and safety measures and this partnership with Fantasmo takes that commitment a step further,” said Vivian Myrtetus, Head of Partnerships & Policy at Helbiz.

“With the integration of Fantasmo’s CPS technology, we can provide riders with the technology needed to use our e-scooters safely and responsibly.”

Jameson Detweiler, Co-Founder of Fantasmo, added “We’re excited to be working with Helbiz to rollout our CPS technology to provide a safer e-scooter program by reducing sidewalk clutter and ensuring a more orderly sidewalk for all stakeholders. After spending significant time in Miami, it’s clear the City of Miami and the Miami Parking Authority (MPA) are committed to providing the safest micromobility program. Fantasmo is proud to be working alongside Helbiz in the City of Miami.”

Helbiz currently operates shared e-scooter fleets in 35 cities across the US, Canada and Italy.

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