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Helbiz eyes new revenue stream with AI-parking validation tech

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Micromobility operator Helbiz has released an AI-powered parking verification tool that can be customised to the city it is deployed in.

Rather than relying on location data, ParkSense relies on a picture of the parked vehicle from the rider at the end of a trip. 

The tech can validate vehicle parking images in less than a second 95% of the time, and offers analysis flexibility from market to market. 

Compliance with parking is a pressing problem in the industry. GPS based solutions can be inaccurate by up to 20 metres and are unable to take the quality of parking beyond its location into account, which is no longer acceptable to some cities.   

ParkSense validates each parking against a series of variables and the surroundings for “complete quality assurance,” said Helbiz. 

It can take into account multiple conditions such as whether the device is properly secured, if it impedes a walking path or entrance to a business, and whether it is aligned upright. 

Helbiz confidence ratings for parking verification tool

Helbiz’s solution has been developed in-house to not only strengthen its position to acquire licences, but also open up a new revenue stream as the tech is available for sale to other operators. 

“The strength of ParkSense is the flexibility,” Helbiz Chief Technology Officer Nemanja Stancic told Zag Daily.   

“Operators are able to set parameters based on each market and the AI will use each attempt to learn more about the particulars of each city’s parking infrastructure. By just checking a few boxes based on local regulations, ParkSense is able to quickly insert itself in the flow of the rider experience and better allow operators to be compliant.”

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