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GEM and Joyride launch keyless connected low-speed vehicles 

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LSV specialist GEM and global micromobility software platform Joyride have launched one of the first keyless and IoT connected street-legal, low-speed vehicles (LSVs) for shared use. 

GEM’s look much like a golf cart and travel at a speed of up to 25mph.

The Joyride platform makes it possible for operators to build and efficiently maintain a shared-use GEM fleet while providing a slick rider experience to end customers.

It features a customised app, backend management tools, IoT connectivity, and seamless hardware integration. Shared mobility businesses can be up and operating within days with connected, keyless, shareable and trackable vehicles using the white label approach.

The Joyride platform for GEM comes with more than 15 application modules. These include fleet management for real-time operational oversight; geofencing to designate specific driving zones; fleet analytics providing live data on location, productivity, charging, and maintenance; and a secure payment gateway supporting various payment methods.

Shared-use mini and micromobility constitute approximately 10% of the shared mobility market. McKinsey & Company projects that shared mobility has the potential to generate consumer spending of up to $1 trillion by 2030. With 43% of U.S. consumers reporting that they would consider using minimobility, this could become a $100 billion industry by 2030. 

Vince Cifani, Joyride Founder and CEO, told Zag Daily: “There are several reasons why demand for minimobility is on the rise. For one, the same driving reasons behind micromobility apply to minimobility in terms of sustainability and affordability, but now you add the value proposition of weather protection in all seasons as well as street-legal road accessibility. People are also using GEM vehicles for cargo and deliveries that surpass what a scooter or e-bike can carry.”

Looking forward, Cifani said: “We anticipate that the availability of these vehicles will be more present and that adoption rates will continue to rise quickly. For very tailored use cases, such as deliveries and campus shuttles, having a seamless user experience where vehicles are keyless and shareable will help make the onboarding process that much more seamless for riders.”

GEM vehicles equipped with Joyride technology will be accessible for demonstrations and test rides during Micromobility America on October 19-20.

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