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French crash test lab to test pedestrian scooter detection systems

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Vehicle road safety laboratory UTAC is expanding its ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) testing to include e-scooter detection for the first time.

The Euro NCAP accredited lab, based outside Paris, tests a wide range of active and passive vehicle safety design features and technologies. With e-scooters becoming increasingly popular in urban areas, UTAC will be working with several car manufacturers to run an AEB (autonomous emergency braking) test programme using a specially developed dummy and e-scooter.


“We have access to a database in France showing that e-scooter incidents are on the rise here,” UTAC’s Head of AD and ADAS Testing, Frantz Jourda, told Zag Daily. 

“Cars can use ADAS to avoid impacts with pedestrians as the car will brake automatically. So we need to make sure that car manufacturers look after e-scooter road users in the same way they look after pedestrians.” 

Current ADAS systems include AEB for pedestrian and cycle detection, lane departure warning and correction, blind spot detection, Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) and Electronic Stability control (ESC). 

The new crash test dummy and e-scooter have been developed by 4ActivesSystems.

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