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Exclusive: Otto acquires ETT to ramp up food delivery service

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London’s electric moped food delivery operator Otto has acquired e-bike rental ETT Industries.

ETT Industries, the rental service known for its motto ‘Escape Through Technology’, designs and manufactures automotive products, and has also served the last-mile delivery sector with its own fleet of e-bikes.

“We were looking for the company with the best vehicle in the market, which has a great reputation with customers,” Marco Colomban, Managing Director at Otto Scooter, told Zag Daily.

“Our goal is to remove the stress from the ownership of vehicles. We want to provide the best vehicle, the best service, and an all-inclusive package with insurance.”

One recognisable model from ETT’s fleet is the Trayser 2.0 e-bike. Its 1000Wh battery capacity ensures that delivery riders can stay on the road for 6-8 hours, maximising their earnings from the job. With a range of 80-120 kilometres, the e-bike would likely see a working day through without a recharge, but if not, then it can be charged using any standard mains outlet.

The vehicle’s battery capacity was certainly a selling point for Otto.

“We are empowering delivery riders to make a good living,” said Colomban. “If they can work without stopping for an eight hour shift, it means that they can work their eight hours and know that they have earned enough for the day. In most other cases, they would have to stop working to get another battery or charge the battery, and then start again.

“We give them more flexibility and the ability to earn more in the short term.”

The Trayser 2.0 e-bike, which has increased Otto’s fleet of bikes and scooters from 500 to 600, is also legally classified as a standard pedal bike which means no motor license is required.

The acquisition of ETT is not the final stage in Otto’s journey with e-bikes. “Acquiring ETT increases the knowledge we have of e-bikes,” Marco said. “The next step is cargo bikes. We are adding four-wheel cargo bikes to our brand in the very near future.”

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