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EVware Tech Turns EAVs into Smart E-cargo Bikes to Enhance Safety and Efficiency

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EVware, the London-based human machine interface and connected vehicle technology company, has partnered with British manufacturer of e-cargo bikes, EAV, for a technical research partnership. 

The joint programme, which started at the beginning of quarter three, looks at ways to increase e-cargo bike safety and efficiency through tracking real-time vehicle and driving style data. This will include a physical trial test run with EAV e-cargo bikes and riders.

During the 12-month trial, EVware’s customisable, app-based user interface will be embedded into some of EAV’s e-cargo delivery vehicles to understand the needs of the last-mile delivery fleet operators and bike riders using vehicle and sensor data. This data will be able to reflect optimal driving style and route selection when fully and part-laden. 

CEO of  EVware Chris Tingley told Zag Daily: “The operational capability of the vehicle and the way it’s loaded is an important factor that routing algorithms don’t take into account.

“They typically take a generic view of what an e-cargo bike can do, but those vehicles undergo changes throughout the day. In the beginning of the day, they are full and quite heavy. Towards the end of the day, they’re lighter.

“EVware connects directly to all of the data points that are available on that vehicle to be used in routing algorithms. All of those factors will have an impact on routing and efficiency.”

The data collected will go to delivery operators and local authorities to inform infrastructure planning, optimise fleets for lower energy use per route, and reveal the safest possible routes and driving styles. 

This collaboration with operators and local authorities is part of EVware’s greater ambition to empower the new mobility industry as  a whole. Tingley said, “Working with cities is an important part of our long term vision.

“It’s not just about EVWare and our technology. It’s also about what that technology can enable. We’ve already started speaking to local authorities and government bodies in the UK.”
The EVware-outfitted EAVs will be at the eBike Summit on September 5 and Cenex on September 6-7. 

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