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Dott begins virtual reality testing for universal e-scooter sound

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Micromobility operator Dott and the University of Salford are testing a set of industry standard sounds for e-scooters to increase awareness of the vehicles without contributing to noise pollution.

Participants, including blind and partially sighted, will be immersed into a 360 degree virtual reality environment, featuring simulations of e-scooter riders in different scenarios.

Candidates will be asked to identify when they are first aware of the e-scooter, and provide feedback on the suitability and preference of the three sounds.

The tests will take place in a laboratory in London, before being repeated in Italy, Sweden and Spain in collaboration with blind associations across Europe.

Henri Moissinac, Dott’s CEO and Co-Founder, told Zag Daily: “We are partnering with the University of Salford, and blind associations across Europe including the RNIB in the UK, with the aim of developing a global, standardised sound. The sounds which have been developed by the University of Salford will now be tested in different European cities, to ensure that the selected sound works internationally.” 

Once the virtual reality phase of testing is complete, Dott will move on to testing the sounds on the streets of London and across Europe.

“We are testing a series of carefully designed e-scooter sounds to find the right balance between maximum vehicle noticeability and minimum noise pollution,” said Dr. Antonio Torija Martinez, Principal Investigator, University of Salford. “By working closely with the RNIB and blind associations across Europe, we can ensure the sound we develop best fits their needs.”

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