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Dott e-scooters and e-bikes now available on Google Maps across Europe

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Micromobility operator Dott has partnered with Google Maps across Europe, with its e-scooters and e-bikes now visible on the app.

Google Maps users in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain and the UK can now locate Dott e-scooters and e-bikes along with estimates for cost and travel time.

When searching a journey, Google Maps displays a Dott option, which features more details showing the closest available vehicle, walking distance and battery status, with riders then directed to the Dott app to pay for the trip.

Dott e-scooters are present in all of the cities included in the partnership, while it recently launched an e-bike fleet in Paris.

More e-bike fleets will be rolled out in Rome, Milan and London over the coming months.

The micromobility company is also working to reuse, upcycle or recycle 100 per cent of used vehicles and parts, while targeting a 100 per cent electric logistics fleet and renewable energy in all its cities.

“Working with Google Maps will help us to show the benefits of shared micromobility to a larger audience,” said Dott CEO Henri Moissinac.

“Users can now easily see that Dott’s e-scooters and e-bikes provide efficient travel across a city, avoiding congestion and without causing pollution. By comparing journey time and price against other options at a glance we hope to encourage more people to switch to sustainable travel.”

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