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New Cowboy e-bike adapts power in real-time

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Belgian e-bike maker Cowboy has announced a new software solution that senses changes in the environment and adapts the power of its e-bikes in real-time.

Dubbed ‘AdaptivePower’, the software identifies shifts in elevation, wind or weight. It then adjusts the power as necessary to keep the rider in the flow and elevate their performance.

This simplifies the riding experience as it means no buttons, gears or settings to control.  

“We believe that gears and modes create unneeded cognitive load, putting several decisions in the hands of the cyclist while on the road, especially when dealing with traffic,” Cowboy Co-Founder and CTO Tanguy Goretti told Zag Daily. 

“We believe in the power of software to remove friction, and deliver an uncompromised simplicity of cycling experience. This translates into our mantra of ‘no gears, no modes, and power when you really need it.’” 

Goretti said that e-cycling is about engaging the right power at the right time. 

“It makes your ride frictionless, not effortless,” he said. “AdaptivePower technology doesn’t mean you don’t have to pedal – it will simply keep you at the same cadence and help you move fast no matter the conditions, so you can stay in the flow.”

The hope is that the Cowboy e-bike will appeal to a variety of needs and lifestyles as it is a solution that caters to the individual rider, such as parents who commute with extra weight. 

The feature will be available in all Cowboy’s fourth-generation models, C4 and C4 ST, even if they have already left the factory. 

Customers will receive the technology through the app, which takes 30 seconds to update. 

Spring colours

In addition to the current classic Black and Sand options, Cowboy is introducing three new hues in its new Spring colour palette for the C4 ST: Lavender, Fig and Clay.


The vehicles are available to pre-order from £2,960.

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