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Cowboy Cruiser e-bike with Dutch riding position unveiled

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Belgium e-bike maker Cowboy has unveiled a new Cruiser e-bike with a much anticipated ‘Dutch’ riding position. 

At £2,690, the Cruiser incorporates design elements to provide its most upright and relaxed ride position to date.

The new e-bike was developed following feedback from Cowboy’s urban rider community, who had requested a more upright ‘Dutch’ riding position for improved posture and increased visibility on the road. 

Cowboy’s Cruiser features comfort grips on a distinctive raised and curved handlebar to facilitate a natural hand position.

Additionally, it comes with a new wider saddle with larger seating surface, and increased gear ratio to enable a more relaxing ride.

“As the e-bike industry gears up to surpass the $119 billion mark by 2030, and as more individuals recognise the financial, ecological, and health advantages of cycling, a growing number of urban riders with unique requirements are emerging,” Richard Bone, Cowboy’s Design Director, told Zag Daily.  

“At Cowboy our unwavering focus lies in addressing these distinctive needs through rider-centric innovation. Our objective is to create e-bikes and software that align precisely with the practical requirements of our riders.”

Weighing 19.3kg, the Cruiser also includes a wireless charging phone mount in the cockpit allowing always-on access to the Cowboy app, removable battery, carbon belt, mudguards and puncture resistant 47mm custom tyres. 

Cowboy has decided to make the Cruiser available in all its colour options.

To coincide with the launch, the firm has also announced the renaming of its existing models, making it easier for customers to find the e-bike which best suits their needs. The original C4 is now named Classic while the C4ST (step-through) is now the Cruiser ST

“Our renaming strategy aims to simplify and clarify the purchase process for our valued customers, enabling them to select the ideal model that suits their individual preferences,” said Bone. “We are steadfast in our commitment to maximising the adoption of cycling among the widest possible audience.”

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