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Computer vision startup Hello Llama to run city pilot with Irish operator

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US-based startup Hello Llama has announced an integration and city pilot with Irish micromobility operator Frog Mobility to deploy its safety suite of AI and computer vision technology.

These Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) not only prevent scooter sidewalk riding and poor parking, but can also detect multiple riders and actively monitor helmet use.

Described by the firm as a “giant leap forward from current compliance assistance devices”, the tech creates a “safety halo” around riders.

It also comes complete with real time information for operators and a platform for managing and sharing those results with municipalities.

The ‘Llama Vision’ tech will be deployed on Frog Mobility’s e-scooters in Lisbon late this summer, with plans to deploy in Ireland pending current scooter legislation.

“The beauty of Llama Vision is that it doesn’t rely on just one type of detection technology, as all technologies have their strong and weak points,” Hello Llama’s COO and Co-Founder Bryan Ovalle told Zag Daily. “We use a suite of technologies to compound strengths and fill in gaps.”

Hello Llama’s hardware can be fully integrated at the design and production phase, but is also hardware agnostic, allowing it to be retrofitted on current assets already deployed.

“We’re following the same path as automobiles in that safety technology is now essential to operation and commercialisation of these transport modes,” said Ovalle.

“Any LEV operator that lags behind in safety advancements, will soon have as much success as trying to sell an automobile today without seat belts, air bags, and ABS brakes.”

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