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Comodule unveils entry-level IoT solution to keep e-bikes safe

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IoT provider Comodule has released an entry-level e-bike solution for manufacturers focusing on vehicle safety. 

Dubbed Guardian, the module enables several anti-theft features including vehicle tracking and in-app notifications that are triggered if the vehicle is moved without permission. 


If a bike is stolen, the precise GPS positioning makes it possible to locate the bike on a map and recover it. Packaged into compact casing, Guardian has global coverage and proven 99.8% uptime, according to the company.  

It also features a backup battery if the e-bike battery runs out or is removed, which means you would still be able to locate the bike. In addition, key module parameters such as the batteries state of charge and route data can be monitored. 

“We see that connectivity has a huge opportunity to increase vehicle security and remove the fear of ‘what if my precious bike gets stolen’,” Comodule’s CEO and Co-Founder Teet Praks told Zag Daily. 

“Our recent survey of 400+ e-bike riders shows that more than 60% of people would feel a lot safer if their e-bike had GPS tracking and/or movement-alert features. So we made it as easy as possible for vehicle manufacturers to integrate IoT that delivers these features to the riders.” 

Guardian is Comodule’s smallest IoT device to date. It is also an entry-level solution as the firm wants to make digital anti-theft features more accessible for e-bike manufacturers.  

“We want to break the idea that IoT is feasible only for premium e-bikes and that it’s complicated and needs special development teams,” said Praks. “Guardian is effortless to integrate into any e-bike, no matter what drivetrain it has, and it enables main anti-theft features. Guardian is a simple first step for e-bike companies that are thinking of digitising their bikes.” 

The IoT module can be hidden under the driver cover or secured to the bike frame under a customised enclosure to help prevent malicious removal. 


Furthermore, Guardian is integrated with Comodule software tools – a companion app for riders and a web-based manufacturer platform. 

The app displays the location of the bike, route data and movement alerts, while also acting as a communication and servicing platform between the manufacturer and rider. Riders can use the app to inform the bike brand about any issues to make troubleshooting more effective. 

Comodule has not revealed the price but first samples are available for pre-order, while mass production is expected to start in the first quarter of 2023. 

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