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Bolt tests new reckless rider score feature

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Bolt is testing a reckless rider score feature to tackle unsafe e-scooter riding habits. 

This is the industry’s first such comprehensive system for evaluating a riders behaviour. 

The score is based on a wide set of inputs collected from each e-scooter, including tandem riding detection, frequent abrupt braking and skidding, collisions and illegal parking. 

Each of these behaviours is ranked at the end of a ride and the user’s riding behaviour is evaluated after every five rides. 

If a rider is in the top 2% of reckless riders in a given city, Bolt will implement a three-step process to promote safer riding habits. 

As a first step, the rider will receive education materials detailing how to use an e-scooter safely. If their score does not improve over the next five rides, their vehicle’s speed will be limited to 15 km/h for the next five rides. If there is no improvement still, the user will be suspended from using Bolt e-scooters for one week, with an option to appeal the decision to the company’s customer service team. 

Welmoed Neijmeijer, Head of Public Policy for micromobility and car-sharing, told Zag Daily: “Scooters have massive potential to change the face of cities for the better – providing people with a sustainable way to move around their city that is cheaper and takes up less space than a private car, and integrates seamlessly with public transport networks.

“We want scooters to be an available mode of transport for as many people as possible which is why we hope our three step process of educational materials, limiting speed and a one-week suspension as a last resort, will be a strong enough deterrent for reckless riders to adopt safer riding habits.”

The feature is currently being tested in Germany and Portugal and will be scaled to other markets throughout the year. 

It has been announced as part of Bolt’s new Scooter Safety Pledge developed in partnership with consultancy practice, Steer. This report outlines the operator’s current safety initiatives and commitment guidelines, designed to strengthen industry e-scooter safety standards. 

Some of these measures include tackling intoxicated riding, preserving public space, protecting vulnerable groups and introducing effective rider education.

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