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Bolt first operator to launch e-scooter charging docks in Europe

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Estonian micromobility firm Bolt launched e-scooter charging docks in Tallinn last week, the first operator to take the measure in Europe.

The first docks were launched as part of an effort by Bolt to reduce car usage and promote safe and sustainable micromobility in cities.

Riders can dock their e-scooter at the charging locations once they have finished their journey and the device will begin charging automatically.

The Bolt charging docks differ from other commercially available racks because of the lack of need to plug the e-scooter in.

Users that dock their device at a Bolt charging station will receive a bonus in the app which can be applied on their next journey.

The operator hopes that the docks will also help improve parking practices in the city, reducing clutter and congestion, with the first docks placed in the most popular destinations for riders.

“The docks installed in Tallinn are just the beginning,” said Dmitri Pivovarov, Director of Rentals at Bolt.

“We want to help other cities improve their infrastructure for charging light electric vehicles. That cannot be done with user-swappable batteries and charging kiosks that require riders to carry batteries around. Or with charging racks that have a lot of wires, are complicated to use, and are an easy target for vandalism.

“Our docks are simple to use and greatly improve sustainability of operations by cutting the need to drive batteries around the city for a recharge.”

Bolt has 75 million customers in 45 countries across Europe and Africa, offering a range of mobility services including ride-hailing, shared cars and e-scooters, and food and grocery delivery.

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