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bo and Mous launch innovative IntraLock system for e-scooters

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British start-up bo Mobility has integrated Mous’s IntraLock™ ecosystem onto its ‘bo M’ scooter, allowing users to securely mount their smartphone. 

Mous’s IntraLock™ is an ultra-secure mechanical mount comprised of an intricate system of N45 magnets, aluminium teeth and a phone case with discreet cut-outs. 

The seamless mount integration to bo M’s e-scooter is going to feature built-in wireless charging so that riders can use power intensive mapping applications without draining the battery. 

Smartphones sit flush to the scooter thanks to a slimline, flat-back case, while the mount is designed to enable the most extreme cycling, giving riders confidence that their phones will not fall off.

“We design our cases to be insanely protective – we have thrown them out of helicopters and they’ve survived so you know they can probably handle anything you’ll put them through day-to-day,” Mous’s CEO and Co-Founder James Griffith told Zag Daily. 

“As smartphones become even more versatile and enable even more active lifestyles, we felt like there was a gap in the market for a phone case ecosystem that didn’t compromise on protection, functionality and style so I’m really proud of the IntraLock™ ecosystem that our product team have designed.” 

The premium e-bike sector has demonstrated the benefits of full smartphone screen dashboards and wireless charging. This partnership for bo represents a strategic decision as the company works to deliver the most advanced tech stack in the e-scooter sector. 

“We believe integrating smartphones rather than low quality proprietary screens offers our riders a better user experience,” bo’s CEO Oscar Morgan told Zag. “This partnership allows bo to maximise resource investment to develop a compelling bo app. We see novel, entertaining and genuinely useful app functionality as an essential component of any micromobility vehicle.

“Additionally, we are excited to see the development of micromobility-specific third party apps – whether for practical functions such as mapping, or for entertainment purposes gamifying the commute – and this partnership ensures bo is optimised for that future.”

Founded in 2019 by former Williams F1 Advanced Engineering and Jaguar Land Rover designers, bo is developing a high-end luxury e-scooter to accelerate the advent of car-less cities. 

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