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Bird unveils new Battery Management System

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Shared micromobility operator Bird has unveiled its new Battery Management System (BMS) which will help power its devices around the world.

The US firm is also implementing IP68-rated lithium-ion battery cell packs in its latest vehicles, with IP68 being the industry’s highest rating for protection against damage from dust and liquid.

Designed, engineered and extensively tested by the Bird team of automotive and battery specialists, BMS underwent simulations of extreme temperatures, humidity and vibrations with the aim of increasing longevity and safety.

The system features all of the functionality of a BMS found in electric cars including cell monitoring, reporting, rebalancing and anomaly detection, in addition to real-time diagnostics, dynamic battery power, and effective communication.

“Innovation and safety are at the core of everything we develop at Bird,” said Chief Vehicle Officer Scott Rushforth.

“In this case, it’s innovating on the products and systems that provide everyone – from riders to city partners – with the best vehicles and experiences,”

“Our state-of-the-art battery management system provides real-time monitoring and feedback to help ensure our vehicles remain ready to get riders from point A to B and reduce reliance on gas-powered car trips.”

Founded in 2017, Bird currently provides fleets of shared micromobility devices to riders in more than 350 cities.

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