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Bird launches larger footboard on Bird Three e-scooter

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US-based micromobility firm Bird has announced the launch of its new larger footboard, which will be introduced on Bird Three e-scooters.

The firm unveiled the Bird Three e-scooter in May before rolling it out across more than 200 towns and cities in Europe, the US and the Middle East.

The e-scooter includes an elongated wheelbase, while the latest editions now sport a 25-inch footboard.

Bird claims that this is longer than those used by other shared e-scooter brands, with its research suggesting that footboards under 18 inches cause issues for riders in terms of stability and inclusivity.

All Bird e-scooter footboards measure more than 18 inches and the longer footboards will be rolled out around the world in the coming months.

“Balance can be defined as the capability of keeping the centre of mass (COM) over its base of support (BOS), and a larger BOS provides greater stability,” said Dr Hoda Koushyar, an expert in biomechanics and human performance/stability and a professor at Tufts University.

“For scooter riding, the more surface area of the foot that is in contact with the deck, the greater the rider’s BOS. Therefore, a wider and longer deck would provide the opportunity for the individual to manipulate and move their feet allowing for BOS adjustment and increasing stability.”

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