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Warsaw introduces range of new e-scooter regulations

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Warsaw has announced a range of new regulations relating to shared e-scooters, which have been available in the city since 2018.

Agreed upon by the five operators in the city – Bolt, Dott, Lime, Blinkee and TIER – local authorities have implemented a new speed limit, as well as rules related to parking and no-go zones.

This is the latest example of cities introducing stricter rules around the use of shared e-scooters, following, Copenhagen, Paris, Miami, Stockholm and Helsinki in recent months.

Under the new speed limit, e-scooters can travel no faster than 20km/h, with that being lowered to 12km/h in certain locations.

Furthermore, devices can only be parked in designated spaces, which operators will be required to help maintain, while areas including Old Town, Royal Łazienki Park and Krasiński Garden will become no-go zones.

“We fully support the new measures from the City of Warsaw to introduce parking zones across the city and will be working closely with them to introduce our smart parking technology to our vehicles,” Dott General Manager for Poland Borys Pawliczak told Zag Daily.

“We operate with this model in large European cities including Paris, where we now see 97 per cent of vehicles parked correctly, improving safety for other road users and pedestrians.”

Maciej Szwed, Lime General Manager for Eastern Europe, added: “We were pleased to work collaboratively with the city of Warsaw to develop new measures to improve the e-scooter programme.

“We’ve already implemented many of these changes on our own and have received positive feedback from riders and non-riders alike. We look forward to further strengthening this partnership with the city going forward to ensure long-term access to safe, sustainable and reliable transport options.”

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