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Voi launches fleet of 1,000 shared e-scooters in Brussels

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Swedish micromobility operator Voi launched a new fleet of 1,000 shared e-scooters in the Belgian capital of Brussels last week.

Working collaboratively with local authorities in the city, Voi e-scooters will be equipped with a special mode for beginners, while the firm will run regular sessions of its traffic school, RidelikeVoila.

Voi has rolled out its latest e-scooter model in Brussels, which is made of 30 per cent recycled material and has a lifespan of five years, or 26,000km in total distance travelled.

Voi joins a series of operators in the city, with Dott currently running the largest fleet of around 1,500 e-scooters according to Zag Daily estimates.

Meanwhile, Bolt has 1,200, Pony has 1,075, and Lime and Bird have 800. Voi will begin with a fleet of 1,000 e-scooters before adjusting to demand.

“Voi is delighted to be rolling out its first e-scooters in Brussels,” Charlotte Serres, General Manager of Voi Belgium, told Zag Daily.

“Like many European cities, people travelling about Brussels face many challenges from congestion and air pollution, to accidents and dangerous parking caused by too many cars on the roads. But this doesn’t need to be the status quo.

“That’s why we’re committed to being part of the solution and want to help create more sustainable and safer urban mobility choices that are accessible to everyone so we can transform our cities for the better.”

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