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Voi deploys Drover tech to prevent sidewalk scooter riding in Oslo

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Shared micromobility operator Voi has partnered with Drover AI to deploy its PathPilot technology on Voi e-scooters in Norway’s capital Oslo.

Drover AI uses machine-learning and computer vision to identify whether an e-scooter is on the pavement, road or cycle lane to prevent sidewalk riding.  

The operator said the tech will “supercharge” its geo-fencing capabilities and help local authorities better control how and where scooters are ridden and parked.

This is because it can be linked directly to an e-scooter’s motor to automatically slow its speed when entering no ride zones, such as pavements. The PathPilot has the ability to train its parking algorithm to spot if a scooter is parked correctly.

Drover’s geo-fencing tools are said to provide much more precise results than existing GPS-based solutions, particularly in dense built-up environments such as Oslo.

Voi is not the first operator to partner with Drover AI. Its technology has been deployed with Spin (now owned by TIER) in the US on more than 2,500 units for 9+ months across multiple markets. The firm also works with Beam, Helbiz, Fenix and Bolt EU. This is however the first full-scale deployment of computer vision technology in Europe.

Voi, along with Bolt and TIER, recently won the highly competitive tender in Oslo giving Voi permission to deploy 2,667 scooters. Hundreds of these scooters will now be equipped with Drover’s PathPilot AI technology over the next few months.  

Co-Founder and CEO of Voi, Fredrik Hjelm, exclusively told Zag Daily: “At Voi we’re committed to improving our technology in every way we can. We’re thrilled that we are the first e-scooter company to be rolling out Drover’s PathPilot technology – not just a trial or pilot – in Oslo. This technology can accurately identify scooters that are riding on pavements, without the need for GPS, helping to stop this problem from occurring in the first place.”

Alex Nesic, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Drover AI, commented: “It’s clear that micromobility has a key role to play in a sustainable future for urban transport and we know AI can help solve some of the industry’s toughest problems. We look forward to seeing what today’s news in Oslo will mean for the future of micromobility.”

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