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Vianova lands in Middle East to unlock micromobility data

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Mobility data platform Vianova has partnered with Abu Dhabi-based micromobility operator Fenix to gather real-time mobility data from the largest fleet of electric vehicles in the Middle East. 

Vianova’s software will pick up information about the usage of Fenix’s vehicles across five countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain. 

The goal is to derive insights from the data to better integrate the vehicles into cities, identifying opportunities for new micromobility infrastructure, e-scooter parking and geofencing technology to improve safety. 

Fenix will be able to share this data through Vianova’s Data Exchange with cities across the region to empower collaboration and shape urban planning to transform transport.

Founded in 2020, Fenix started as a shared e-scooter operator and has since expanded into on-demand grocery delivery and ride-hailing services, covering the largest fleet of electric vehicles in the region. 

Jaideep Dhanoa, CEO and Co-Founder of Fenix, told Zag Daily: “The Vianova partnership is to leverage Fenix’s proprietary micromobility data set in the region – with their data intelligence to empower cities with insights on how to more seamlessly integrate micromobility into their transport networks, as a more efficient means of moving single passengers and small packages. 

“To this end, all Fenix micromobility products play a role, including our shared vehicles, subscription vehicles, and delivery services.” 

Vianova’s geo-fencing technology ensures connected vehicles are parked in the right drop-off zones, and enforces speed limits, as well as providing insights to operators about demand and use. 

The startup has partnered with micromobility operators including Voi, Bolt and Beam and has recently started helping dutch cities to optimise the integration of their new shared mobility services.

“In a short space of time, Fenix has become the leader in connected and electric vehicle fleets across the Middle East,” said Thibault Castagne, Co-Founder and CEO of Vianova. “Together we want to use technology and innovation to make cities safer, greener and more efficient and our big data platform is the best way to achieve that.”

The Middle East has been gaining attention from the micromobility industry. With a highly urban and young populace, there is huge market potential to provide environmentally-friendly mobility in cities to meet net-zero targets. 

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