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Vianova and Michelin partner in Paris to gain vital logistics insights

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Mobility data platform Vianova has partnered with Michelin Mobility Intelligence, one of the world’s leading logistics companies, to gain vital insights into freight and logistic flows throughout the city of Paris.

The insights and analysis derived from the data will be shared with city officials to drive informed decisions regarding mobility hubs and last-mile deliveries.

Michelin will provide anonymised data from connected trucks and lorries on a portion of the 4.3 million goods delivered each week across the Paris region to Vianova’s platform. This will enable the analysis of logistics vehicle movement, including vehicle type, proximity to retail areas and the duration of stops to draw a defined picture of road and curb activity.

This comes as Paris plans to make large areas of the city car-free in 2024. The policy will affect logistics vehicles that transport goods and deliveries to shops, grocery stores, office buildings, and apartments across the central districts.

“We’re currently working with Michelin to source data about commercial vehicle stop events at the curb which we transform into insights about loading zone usage,” Thibault Castagne, Co-Founder and CEO of Vianova told Zag Daily. 

“This includes the type of vehicle, its fuel, the time of the stop, and whether it takes place in a loading zone.  

“Poor delivery management can create transport issues such as congestion and safety risks, but shared data can help companies and cities to implement the right changes to improve the flow of traffic, minimise safety risks and create healthier cities overall.”

Vianova’s mobility analytics software leverages data from over a million connected vehicles every day to provide partners with some of the most advanced geo-intelligence of its kind.

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