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Unlimited free Voi e-scooter rides for key workers

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Hold the presses: Voi has got more freebies up its sleevies to help keep the country moving in a sustainable and socially-distanced manner as Lockdown II arrives.

No ones says “hold the presses” anymore

Fair enough. But this is pretty cool.

Just a couple of days ago, Voi said Liverpool riders would get massive e-scooter rental discounts. This came after Lime had announced £1m funding for free rides for key workers.

We predicted more lockdown offers to follow, in a bit of a scooter service arms-race. And so it has transpired. Even Zwings is offering money off.

So what’s this new offer?

Emergency services workers and NHS employees will get unlimited free rides. The scheme will stand for the length of lockdown, across all of Voi’s active trial areas (Birmingham, Northampton, Liverpool, Cambridge, Bath, Bristol).

Ride length is capped at 45mins per journey, but qualifying riders can take as many as they like.

All right, I’m sold. How do I get my free rides?

Upload your NHS identity card, Blue Light Card or Defence Discount Service card via the Voi website. Once the micromobility fleet operator has checked it out, it’ll send you a confirmation and your rides thereafter will cost you nada.

The other Voi discounts mentioned in Monday’s story will still stand.

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Peter Minnig / Spacesuit Media

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