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UK Government invests £32.9 million to boost local active travel schemes

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Active Travel England is investing £32.9 million to create a national network of active travel experts to work with communities, enhance high streets and boost walking and cycling. 

The Capability Fund could see up to 1,300 new green jobs created across England.

It has been set up to help local authorities design high-quality active travel schemes that take into account the views of local people. 

Danny Williams, CEO of Active Travel England, told Zag Daily that the majority of the fund is dedicated to building better infrastructure. 

“That means helping local authorities to recruit and train officers to design good quality schemes that have been properly engaged with their local communities. There is some funding available for local authorities that are more developed, to fund local schemes such as walk-to-school schemes, cycle training or bike rental.”

The measures aim to get more people of all groups walking and cycling and help to address the barriers that exist. Surveys show the number one issue putting women off cycling is how safe they feel on the roads, with 79% of women supporting more protected cycle lanes being built.

As people across the country are looking to kickstart the year with healthy resolutions, the government expects to see millions shake up the way they travel.

“Overall, this fund is about getting some of the basics right and that means putting in the time and resources to ensure future active travel infrastructure funding is optimised and produces high-quality schemes that will get millions more walking, wheeling and cycling,” said Williams.

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