TIER launches public consultation on York e-scooter trial

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Micromobility operator TIER has launched a public consultation in York allowing local residents to feedback on the shared e-scooter trial.

Participants will be able to use an interactive map to share comments and add images about parking, user behaviour, and rider experience.

The feedback will be shared with the City of York Council to inform the future development of micromobility in the city, with both users and non-users encouraged to help shape and inform future decisions about the service.

TIER will also be running an in-person session with York City Manager Jessica Hall and Sight Loss Councils in the new year.

The session will discuss parking and incidents of pavement riding to help TIER understand how they can further mitigate any negative impacts from micromobility use on visually impaired people in the community.

“Following our one-year anniversary in York last month, we’re looking forward to hearing the views of riders and residents alike and using this to improve our service across the city,” said Georgia Yexley, Head of Cities for UK and Ireland.

“As the sole operator for York, we want to ensure that we are providing a first-class service that not only supports green and accessible local travel, but crucially also suits the needs of the local community.

“With the trial running until at least March 2022, this consultation will help TIER continue to provide a safe, sustainable and inclusive form of transport as part of the urban mix in York.”

TIER launched in York in October last year and now serves more than 160 cities in 16 countries across Europe and the Middle East.

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